Peter Cooper’s Vision is Our Mission

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Peter Cooper passed away in his own bed, holding the hands of his son and daughter. “The dying man's thought rested especially on the future of the Cooper Institute,” the Times reported. “He repeatedly spoke of his desire that the work of the institution might go on steadily in the years to come.”


It is a wish that has been honored by successive generations of students, teachers, administrators and alumni, and it is a continuing charge as Cooper Union continues its mission of intellectual enrichment, innovative education, and active citizenship.


Thousands of alumni, parents, and friends stand committed to sustaining Peter Cooper’s vision and his profound belief that education improves society. Cooper established a school that unleashes the imagination, creativity, and inventiveness of the human mind in the service of a better world. While Cooper remains a private institution, its purpose for over 150 years has been the public good.


The Cooper Union has never relied solely on the generosity of generations past. We all have a responsibility to take up the torch and to pass it forward. It is up to the generations that have succeeded Peter Cooper to keep the light shining and moving forward.


Please support our enduring work of education of the first rank, admission based on merit, and success that improves society. Please contribute what you can, when you can, to the Annual Fund and other Cooper Union fundraising initiatives, and take the necessary steps to have a plan in place that will someday memorialize a lifetime of appreciation for our mission.