Working With Your Advisor

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Not only do we recommend that you consult your attorney, financial planner, or other professional advisor when assessing your charitable options, we strongly urge you to work closely with your advisor to ensure the best possible outcome for both you and for The Cooper Union.  


We will all certainly benefit when you receive competent professional guidance in your gift planning. At your request, The Cooper Union’s Director of Gift Planning is willing to provide those professionals with the information they may need to serve you, their client, to the best of their ability.


If you are not currently working with a professional who can provide you with the advice you need, we can offer referrals from other donors or send you a list of advisors who may have an affiliation with The Cooper Union.


If you are an alumnus/a of The Cooper Union and have expertise in areas which could be of value to our gift planning donors, we especially welcome you to be in touch with our Director of Gift Planning to explore ways for us to work together to help The Cooper Union accomplish its goals.