Plan a Gift for Tomorrow

What Has Cooper Taught You?

Through the rigorous programs of the Schools of Architecture, Art, Engineering, and Humanities, The Cooper Union has taught its students how to plan, create, design, build, and think critically for more than a century and a half.


As a Cooper graduate, you have likely put those skills to good use and combined them with your innate talents to build a successful career. You have accomplished much over a lifetime of hard work. Now you may be thinking about your legacy, preparing for contingencies, and securing a future for those you love


When will you ever have a better chance to help us regain and sustain Peter Cooper's original vision for the generations of scientists, architects, and artists who will walk in your footsteps, share your values, and benefit from your thoughtfulness for years to come?


Now may indeed be a perfect time to consider the many ways you could include The Cooper Union in your plans. This section of The Cooper Union website is for your use and guidance as you design that plan—ensuring a future that will be brighter and stronger for all.


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